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Do your Best for your dog

Join The Raw Revolution

  • Cleaner teeth and gums & healthier coat

    Sirius raw food and meaty bones promote chewing, reducing plaque and bacteria which cause bad breath. No unnatural additives means less scratching & a healthier, shinier coat

  • Boosted immune system & increased energy and vitality

    With a Sirius raw diet your dog will get the natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to build a stronger resistance to ill health and disease, and without those unnatural additives your dog's behaviour will improve

  • Improved digestion

    Feeding a Sirius Raw Feed species approriate diet reduces the risk of sensitive and irritable bowels. Poops are smaller, harder and less smelly and there is a LOT less flatulence

Red Tractor Assured and DEFRA licensed

Sirius Raw Feed Limited purchase all the food we process from red tractor assured suppliers to ensure that the food we produce is of exceptionally high quality. The labels on the food show our DEFRA licence number. The cost of our raw dog food may be lower than other suppliers but we don't skimp on the quality of the raw food we provide.

Shop With Confidence

With Sirius raw food you can be assured that you are doing the very best you can for your dog - and your pocket. Whether you buy from our shop, arrange a local delivery, or have our food sent by courier, it will be of a consistently high quality. Our staff are very knowledgable about raw feeding and can offer expert advice where needed. Ask away - we don't bite !

  • Complete Minces

    Sirius complete minces provide all the nutrients your dog needs in an 80/10/10 composition…

  • DIY and Chunks

    At Sirius we have a range of chunks and minces that can be "mixed & matched" …

  • Dehydrated and Natural Treats

    Sirius raw treats not only provide your dog with a tasty treat but help to keep teeth clean too…

  • Alternatives to Raw

    Sirius raw treats not only provide your dog with a tasty treat but help to keep teeth clean too…